Nameserver doesn't update in whois

Hi there

Entered correctly the provider nameservers in the registrant site (AWS) Screenshot by Lightshot
However, after two days though Whois is still showing AWS ones Screenshot by Lightshot

Would you have any idea on what I am missing here?

You need to change that at your registrar, you appear to have created two NS records instead. Remove them and change the nameservers themselves. Contact your registrar if it is not clear how to do so.

Are you suggesting me to remove the cloudflare entires Screenshot by Lightshot in AWS and replace them with what I had before as that is not the correct way of doing it?

As I said you added the wrong entries. You should remove them and change the nameservers.

thanks Sandro but those are the entries that cloudflare provided to me as you can see from the screenshot:
Are those not the correct ones or I just haven’t added to the right place in AWS?


Yes, that’s not the right place, but I already mentioned that :wink:

Great! thanks for your feedback on this.
I will then put back whatever there was previously in place in AWS and find the right location in the platform where nameservers are located.
Would you suggest a clouflare guide / tutorial where I can find that information?

There’s but in general that’s really something for your registrar.

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