Nameserver doesn't transfer

My website was hosted by someone else and currently have Cloud based emails (Google)
I am logged into Cloudflare and delete all records, create new records for host and looks fine.
However nameserver remains pending over 1-2+ days
I have retried this multiple times.
Searches show I still have google MX records, even though I deleted them…
Not sure what I am missing?
Do I need to delete cloud-based email hosting first?

Your Cloudflare DNS is not active yet. This Community #tutorial has resources to help you.

I have done this 5 times and contacted their support 3 times.
Currently with Cloudflare (Developer created) now trying to take ownership again.
Just has different nameservers. Hence why I am stuck.
Plus after I delete the MX records I can no longer see on back end, they still remain; as I delete these then create new nameserver update, but doesn’t come out of pending.

Right. You can’t just create an account on Cloudflare, add any zone and start making changes to it. You need to prove ownership to take control of the zone and have your account be the authoritative one if you no longer wish the others to manage it on your behalf.

You will need to update your nameservers at your registrar to the pair in your account if you want to control the domain. There is a non-zero chance you will break other things so you might want to contact whoever is managing your DNS and request they make the changes or assist you in transferring control.


Question then
Who do i need to change nameservers with. Cloudflare and crazy domains I have tried. Crazy said it is a third party host.

So this domain is currently set to use these nameservers


And the Cloudflare account which has those specific nameservers in it is the account which is authorized to make changes to DNS. If those aren’t the nameservers in your account you would need to change the nameservers at your registrar to the ones in your account.

However, if you aren’t 100% sure that all of the DNS records in your account are accurate and complete, changing the nameservers to the pair in your account will potentially result in things like your website breaking or alternative services or needed DNS records being missing and things can break. Ideally you will get a list of your DNS entries from whoever currently manages DNS, confirm yours are complete and accurate based on the current settings and then you can change your nameservers to those in your account at your registrar and make whatever changes you choose to.

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