Nameserver didn't update


Nameserver didn’t update! I set it up the server of cloudways correctly and I move it from goddady to Cloudflare nameservers and it looks good there also. But Cloudflare didn’t update it.
Please help me with that I’m waiting for this change a servral days and I can’t work on my website. I moved domains to cloudflare a lot of times before and I didn’t have a problem with that I don’t know what is wrong with that this time.


You didn’t share the domain, so it’s impossible to see exactly what the issue is.

The most common problems in this situation are that you didn’t copy/paste the names correctly, that you didn’t remove any existing nameservers, or you added the two NS records to your existing nameservers instead of changing the nameservers configured at your Registrar.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply,

I prefer not to share my domain, I will answer with all the details hope it will answer all the question. Let me know if you still need it.

  1. The most common problems in this situation are that you didn’t copy/paste the names correctly -
    It actually was my mistake at the first time, but I deleted this domain and after that I added the correct one - and I still have this problem

  2. It looks ok at my dns record, I share with you image 1

  3. It looks ok at godaddy - image 2

I hope this will help you guide me in solving the problem

run these commands to check what the Internet sees:


dig +trace

The other thing to verify is that you have disabled DNSSEC at your registrar. This would be under the DS records tab on your GoDaddy dashboard.

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It’s a bit early, and very much still a work-in-progress, but I’ve started to automate these common debugging steps here…

(May fall over for complex setups, the WHOIS needs better parsing, site might go down for rework and so on, but might help some people. Feedback welcome - when the contact page is working!)

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This is what I get in whois domain if that’s what you mean:


I dIdn’t understad how to do this command: dig +trace example com you mean on cmd? I did it there is error.

On DS records field at godday is empty.

That’s your problem, you haven’t set Cloudflare name servers yet. Look at the bottom of your DNS settings and it will tell you which 2 to use. You need to go to the “Nameservers” tab in the Godaddy settings and change the two nameservers to the ones.

But I already change it. I sent images in my previous answers. Please look at this and tell if I did something wrong.

Then maybe it’s just taking some time for Godaddy to update it, but in my experience it changes within minutes.

If you can share the domain name, we can check. If you don’t want to give the domain name here then you can use my tool that I linked to above and see what that tells you.

It’s not the specific nameservers of my server - so the problem is with godaddy?

If you deleted the domain from Cloudflare, then added it back in again, the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare will change. You need to go back into Godaddy, change them to the ones Cloudflare is giving you now (dan and wren). Then it will work.

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I did not delete the domain name. At first I set a wrong domain, I deleted it and then added the correct domain. I see that now in the settings it asks to set the nameserver as DAN - WREN. I thought that all the domain names in my account that are on the same server should be on the same nameserver. In any case, I updated the nameserver in godaddy, I will update if it works. Thanks

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I update that I did it yesterday and indeed it worked after a few minutes. Thank you very much for your help SJR and also to Michael (:

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