Nameserver conflicts - only every second NS is cloudflare



Hey people,

I have recently set up a new website and then activated cloudflare for it.
It took like 1 hour till cloudflare recognized the Nameserver changes that I made at my domain registrar.
After that I looked up my website on and every host exept for
“Dallas TX, United States” had Cloudflare’s Nameserver.
So I thought, that maybe the TTL from the old NS is still taking some time, but apparently no, not at all.

like 5 minutes ago I looked up whatsmydns again and suddenly half of the Nameservers that get resolved from each Server that they use is the old Nameserver and the other half is Cloudflare…

Im not as experienced, but it seems to me like somehow the old Nameserver is trying to “claim” back his spot (sounds weird yeah).

Here is a screenshot:

Can someone please help me with this? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.


DNS propagation delays. All the nameservers have the correct value(s).


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