Nameserver check still pending even though sites working

Got a fun one for you all.

I set up an account on Cloudflare to handle a domain’s DNS. I changed the nameservers on the registrar. This was a few weeks ago. It still shows pending.

I’ve checked through dig:

I’ve checked on, mxtoolbox, and even whois checks. They all show the correct Name Servers… and the sites (including new ones I created on Cloudflare only for testing) all work.

And yet, the zone is still pending. Hoping you all may have more things for me to test to see what I may have done wrong. The domain in question is

Is it dino or dina?

Your registrar has dino - the below is from

Name Server:
Name Server:

Whereas Cloudflare actually has it down as dina - from	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS

I suspect Cloudflare is correct as it’s coming from their own nameservers, but either way, either your nameservers in DNS or your nameservers at your registrar are typo’d.


You are a genius. Even though I copy/pasted, I think I made a mistake.

Always good to get a second pair of eyes on an issue - spot the typo that’s obvious to everyone except yourself haha.	3600	IN	NS	3600	IN	NS
couldn't get address for '': not found
;; Received 612 bytes from in 12 ms	86400	IN	NS	86400	IN	NS
;; Received 101 bytes from in 4 ms

You can see it falls back to asking since it couldn’t find - which doesn’t exist.

Yeah it seemed weird to me that it was dino when I pasted it as no other site I have on CF uses dino. I’m going to chalk it up to late night migrations, and just go with that as my excuse. :wink:

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