Nameserver changes not

Dear Sir or Madam,

I cannot build a connection to the current nameservers. Is it possible that you change the nameservers of the domain “”?
It would be great if you can do this for me!

I am now waiting over a few days…

Best regards

Noah Schönthal

Which namservers are listed in your account?

Nameserver 1

Nameserver 2

Cloudflare currently announces different nameservers. Your domain will be already active on another Cloudflare account. Can you deactivate that domain there?

Hey thanks for the fast answer. :smiley:

So can you say me the email address of the account because I’m not sure if it is the right account.

Is it [email protected]?

Best regards
Noah Schönthal

Okay thanks a lot but what should i actually write to the support of CloudFlare?

Because of the Nameservers dublication or something…

To purge my zone?

Or can you do the purge directly ??

You should remove the domain from that other account.

I don’t have an other account so i can’t do something i contacted now the support or can you say me the email of the other account?

If you cannot access the other account you will need to follow the steps mentioned in the article. Though contacting support is probably the best choice.

Okay i contacted the support thanks!