Nameserver changed

I’ve added these domains to Cloudflare, but why my account Nameserver changed to &, when previously it wasn’t that. The problem here I’ve already used the initial Nameserver in the Registrar and will not be changed again, Whether can continue to use the initial Nameserver that is in my account is: & , thank you if my problem you can help.

Hi @rezahardiaputra,

The nameservers are assigned per domain not account. While it is common for domains in the same account to use the same nameserver pair, it is not always the case. You will need to use the nameservers provided during the setup process, and not whatever two you were expecting. You should only change the nameservers after you have configured the domain and been given the pair to set them to, to prevent possible issues with domain hijacking.

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It seems that the only way is to change the new Nameserver in the Registrar, because after I noticed that the old Nameserver was installed in the Registrar before the domain was added to Cloudflare, the Nameserver must use a new one, which is different from the initial change in Registrar.

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