Nameserver changed, just getting an Apache Server Test

I’ve changed the nameservers to cloudflare and as soon as the NS entry is propagated, the user stops seeing my site and starts to see an Apache HTTP Server Test page.

The entries should be correct, but Cloudflare does not recognize it and still claims there are old ones.

(webpage: - depending on DNS, you might still see the webpage).

Any ideas what I can do/check?

Your domain is not properly configured for Cloudflare. You did not change the nameservers but only created NS records at your host’s. You need to do the former instead.

Thanks. I’m not quite sure how to do that. My host does offer the option to either use external nameservers or change the zonefile. Using external nameservers did not propagate so far, while the zonefile did. I’ve changed the zonefile back for the moment and turned on external nameservers.

I’m also able to register new nameservers for the zonefiles, but this requires additional IP adresses for the nameservers.

Probably I just need to wait longer?

You dont need to do anything at your host’s. You need to change the servers with your registrar. Contact the place where you registered the domain and ask them how to change the nameservers.

Probably not being clear enough: My host is also my registrar.

I’ll revert back to the original settings for the time being and check back to this later. I’ll just hope, the site will be back up again soon… :-/

In that case you should contact them.

The “external nameservers” is probably the right place, but thats something you really need to clarify with them.

Right now your site is actually reachable ( however it still points to your host’s nameservers.

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