Nameserver changed but not by me

Hi. I’ve received an email saying that my nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare and that they now point to my host. I did not make any changes and I was not aware that this could happen. I have not actually done anything yet because I’m unsure what I should be doing. Can anyone advise please.
The email is asking me to change the nameservers to something else but should I?

Did you perhaps forget to renew your domain? If you didn’t do something, usually it’s due to your domain registrar taking it back due to nonpayment before it releases it back to the registry. If you’re fine sharing your domain, that would help as well.

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Hi. Thanks for responding. No. Everything is up to date. My hosting have said that the changes were not made on their side either. I’m very confused.

Hi @n.marie12 I see the zone moved from your account today and the name server change away from cloudflare still propagating. What is odd, I did a historical check and see the last time cf name servers were seen was months ago…not at all certain why you are receiving a message now. I’d contact your domain registrar and ask them to change them to the two on the dash app of your cloudflare dashboard.

Several questions.
Are you comfortable sharing the name of the domain here? (I can see it, but for privacy purposes cannot share it without your permission)

What name servers are the suggested name servers in the email?

Hi. Thanks for your response. Sure, it’s
I’ve just finished chatting with hostgator who say they are not aware of how this changed but I have since changed them back to
I have also gone back to my Cloudflare dashboard and clicked on the ‘check nameservers’ as instructed in the email.
I’m just very confused as to how this happened? I’m obviously not a techie in the least so any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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I see the change back starting to propagate.

I checked your audit log and the domain is showing as moved by you today. That sounds like it may have been done inadvertently, oif you don’t recall making changes in your dash earlier today that may mean someone else did it on your behalf in which case you should change your password and API keys.

I literally only logged into my site when I saw this email so I have no idea what’s going on.Thanks for checking up on it though. I really appreciate it.

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As above - if you did not make the change and the registrar have not done it then you should change passwords on your registrar and Cloudflare. Make sure to use unique and random passwords. It’s better to use a password manager so you don’t have to worry about remembering complex passwords.

Thank you all for taking the time to help me. I have done the necessary now and hope this does not happen again.

The exact same thing happened to us over the weekend, I still do not see an acceptable answer here from CloudFlare?

I’m starting to suspect this was an internal screw up that CloudFlare is keeping quiet about

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