Nameserver change to cloudflare still pending more than a week after change

We changed the nameservers to Cloudflare as instructed more than a week ago. WhoIs shows the nameservers have changed to Cloudflare, but our Cloudflare account still shows the change as pending. I clicked on check nameservers again 4 days ago, and it still shows as pending.
I have no way to contact support to change this, only ask the community. This is my first time with Cloudflare, and I’m kind of disappointed with the lack of support.

Sharing the domain name here would be helpful to get help from the community. You can always refer to Tutorial if you need any help.


Cloudflare don’t allow to share links.

You can now, you can also share information like example dot com or example dot com and we’ll understand…

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There is a typo in the nameservers you input into your registrar, indicated by the upticks ^ below. An extra r in the domain name.

trace.ns_expected=["", ""]
trace.ns_found=["", ""]

Remove that mis-spelling and the name servers should verify!


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