Nameserver Change SOA Error

Hello everyone, I would like to change the name servers to Cloudflare. I have the servers Jessica and Graham. When I want to change the nameservers of my domain hoster, the SOA test always fails. Does anyone have any ideas?

The domain probably is already active on another Clouflare acount.

Whats the domain?

The Domain is

That domain does not seem to be associated with these nameservers. Can you post a screenshot of your DNS screen? Also, did you check where else the domain could be active?

Form Cloudflare or form the Domain Hoster?

How can I look that up?


I dont know. You need to check how many Cloudflare accounts you have and where the domain could be linked.

I only have the domain on a Cloudflare account, but I don’t know if anyone else has the domain on a Cloudflare account

Possibly the same issue as Unable to add CloudFlare NS servers for some of our domains

You probably best contact support.

Okay Thank You!

Our issue was that someone else also added the domains to a CloudFlare account and did not remove all the domains. After removing the domains from the other account, then from my account and adding them again, everything worked fine.

The problem is that I do not know who else has the domain in their account

Probably one of you guys tried that before? Laura and Isaac we’re assigned in october. It changed from First Colo ( to Cloudflare and back to First Colo. Vernikt is not that new, isn’t it?

No is not new, the person who had the domain was kicked off the team and now I want to take it back

As I said, you will need to contact support.