Nameserver change request

I requested my namecheap nameservers were replaced with cloudfare’s two days ago. It says on the page it normally takes up to 24 hours.

Is there anyway to speed up the free service, pay for it/become customer? As it is causing me a delay in a big project got paid consultants unable to take the next step.

Would really appreciate getting the cloudfare nameservers sorted. My worry is it may take another 2 days or longer.

Thank you :smile:


Nameserver changes can even take up to 48 hours. You cant speed that up.

Whats the domain?

Ok thanks the domain is

Cheers :smiley:

The nameservers do not appear as changed. They still point to Namecheap.

To clarify, with .com nameserver changes are virtually instant — until you consider caching, which can persist up to 48 hours. But the results will be visible at the roots.

Nameservers have been changed at this point and the DNS setup looks okay.

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