Nameserver change not noticed on ICANN or cloudflare

I updated my DNS nameserver records for the domain in my dashboard to point to the Cloudflare DNS records. This has been over 72 hours ago, but on the Cloudflare dashboard my domain still shows as “pending nameserver udpate”. I have checked here and I can see the updated nameservers:

However, ICANN registrar still shows the old nameservers for 1&1:

Is it normal for a DNS propagation to take this long?

Thats because you added NS records at your host and did not change the nameservers at your registrar. You need to do the latter.

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Thanks for your reply. How do I change my nameservers at the registrar? Don’t they propagate automatically?

They cant propagate if you dont change them. As for how, you need to do that in their control panel. If it is unclear, contact your registrar.

Go here, find your registrar and click to it, Expert Tip - Changing Name Servers at Popular Registrars

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