Nameserver change issue

Hi, My website is registered with godaddy. I changed the nameserver on my domain to & as specified by cloudflare, but after that my website is down ( However on my cloudflare account, everything is displaying fine for my website dashboard (Overview, DNS, analytics etc…). Can you please check what might be causing the issue ?

I’m having the same exact issue with my domain, but it’s also affecting email. It’s registered at GoDaddy and pointing to CloudFlare Name Servers with all the proper DNS records. It’s been about 48 hours, some areas are propagated, some are not. I think the Internet propagation maybe wrecked. I will watch this thread to see if there’s a resolution.



When trying to open your site i get the bellow error: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Try checking community tip:

These are two different Domains. Pls care for typo’s in domains as otherwise people will not be able to help you.

I have the same proplem
My website is
I hosted my website to host A
I never use cloudflare with host A

I moved my website to host B. here are steps I did:

  1. I add DNS from host B to my domain name.
  2. Then I add my domain name to cloudflare
  3. Cloudflare recorded the correct DNS from host B (which I added in step 1), and then Cloudflare gave me two news DNS
    patryk. ns. cloudflare. com
    vera. ns. cloudflare. com
    then I came back to my domain name register and change those new DNS .
    that what I did. But now, my website is still offline :frowning:
    pls help me


No you dont.

  1. your Website is not using CloudFlare.
  2. your site is online (for me, but after NameServer changes this can take a while to propagate)

These are not DNS-Records, but NS-Records.

I honestly dont understand what you have done and what not. Pls open a seperate Thread, as this is not related to this one.

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