Nameserver are not changed

after some days pressing the ‘Re check now’ button the name servers are still not changed for my domain

Perhaps I have to change something on the SOA record also ? here the current DNS settings:

I checked the DNS with a tool and there are some results I don’t understand, please compare:

Thanks for providing me

Thats the wrong place. You need to change the nameservers at your registrar, not your host.

Thanks sandro,

The first screen shot is from the DNS records at my registrar, the second from a DNS check tool with appearing errors


All right, registrar then instead of host, but you still created NS records. You must not do that. You need to point the domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare, not create NS records. If it is unclear how you do that it is best you contact your registrar.

Thanks sandro,

I got this description from Cloudflare:
So I changed two NS records from hexonet to Cloudflare and left the third hexonet NS record. Was this step wrong ?
If so, how to change the name servers ? I have access to the DNS records and don’t need to ask the registrar


The description is right, but you changed it at the wrong place at your registrar.

Where do I have to change it ?

At your registrar. If you dont know where, see my earlier posting please.

Sorry for the inconvenience, sandro, but I don’t understand, what you mean. I’m able to edit all my DNS records by myself. Why I need to contact my registrar for that ?

You dont need to contact your registrar, you need to change the nameservers in the right place and you havent done that. If you dont know where to do that in your registrar’s control panel you obviously need to contact them, right? Nobody here even knows who your registrar is, let alone how exactly you change that there, so the obvious contact is your registrar.

All I can tell you is you still have your previous nameservers set.

Okay, another question: what exactly means ‘Replace with Cloudsflare nameservers’ ?
For my understanding it is changing the two NS records from hexonet to Cloudflare. Is this correct ?
If not what else has to be changed ?

Yes, you make sure you only have the Cloudflare servers and nothing else.

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Well, there was a third name server for hexonet, I deleted this one right now. Is this, what you wanted to tell me, sandro ?

Yes, there shouldnt be anything but the exact nameservers given to you by Cloudflare.

Perfect, thanks a lot for your support, sandro

Now I have to wait for the result of the re check in a few hours

Have a nice weekend

So far you still have the old nameservers.

Unfortunately after more than one day I have the same situation. The name servers don’t change.
Here what I got from Cloudflare
Here what I did:

  1. Changed name server NS1 record from ‘’ to ‘
  2. Changed name server NS2 Record from ‘’ to ’
  3. Deleted name server ‘
  4. Re checked the progress on Cloudflare page several times

I checked with a DNS tool and getting the following advices:

Based on these hints, can anyone tell me how to proceed?

Thanks for your support

Hi @ranalaweb,

You still don’t seem to have changed the authoritative nameservers at your domain registrar. You have changed the NS records, but that will not work. Your nameservers point to

If you are still unsure how to change the nameservers at your registrar, you should contact them for assistance.

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Hints? Same as yesterday. It is the same situation. What have you changed since the last time I mentioned you still had the old nameservers? Post a screenshot of the settings you changed.

guys, seems to be a difficult issue

I understand, that this, what I described in my last post, what I already did, is not enough or not correct.
Is any one able to tell me, what exactly I have to do, except contacting my registrar, because I have full access to my DNS settings.

I deleted name server ‘’, how you suggested

And thanks for your patience


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