Nameserver are not changed Becouse I need also IP Address

I want to change my DNS to Cloudflare DNS, but I found only to two names servers:
but when I wanted to change my DNS to Cloudflare DNS, I didn’t bcz I need also to change the IP address, but in Cloudflare, I didn’t find the IP address. Where can I find The IP Address.

Some registrars want the IP address as well. Here they are:


Thank you but I find an eror:
Des erreurs de procédures ont eu lieu lors de la modification des DNS du domaine. Merci de vérifier si le statut du nom de domaine n’est pas verrouillé et que les DNS sont enregistrés par l’Internic.

When I run a WHOIS query for your domain, I see:

Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited

Per the URL there:

Status Code:

What does it mean?
This status code tells your domain’s registry to reject requests to update the domain.

Should you do anything?
This domain name status indicates that it is not possible to update the domain, which can help prevent unauthorized updates resulting from fraud. If you do want to update your domain, you must first contact your registrar and request that they remove this status code.

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