Nameserver and siteground setting

I have migrated from another host to Siteground. To use Cloudflare services I am asked by support team to change nameserver in domain registrar.
I am using manually configured Cloudflare for my old hosting. Is it okey to change nameserver as they ( new host ) instructed and configure cloudflare from their C panel?.. Am I able to enjoy every service by cloudflare from new set up as i am enjoying manual set up?

Hi @sagartupe36, there are two types of setups with Cloudflare - Full via cloudflare directly where you change nameservers to the two we assign and Partial Partner offered through a cloudflare partner where you don’t change to cf nameservers.

As you’ve moved your origin hosting from one hosting provider and server and IP address to another provider, server and IP, you can manually update the your DNS records on the Cloudflare dashboard to point to your new origin server IP address. Alternatively, you can add the domain as a partial partner setup via the partner portal and change your nameservers away from their current setting.

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