Nameserver altered through hosting company = Site now missing


I originally had a Cloudflare account linking my site to my hosting and obviously changed nameservers as required. Things worked well.

I have recently had my hosting company take control of Cloudflare and they have changed the nameservers to suite.

I received an email from Cloudflare saying "The name servers for no longer point to Cloudflare. When I log into my Cloudflare dashboard indeed the site is moved because Cloudflare has my old nameservers.

I wish to change these in Cloudflare but the option isn’t available to do so.

I’m on a Cloudflare free account.

My site provider says I am on Cloudflare.

My Cloudflare dashboard says I am not.

The question is:

Can I update my nameservers in Cloudflare to point to the new nameservers that my provider activated (Not re-activate the originals I have), and how do i do it in Cloudflare?

Given that your host says you are on Cloudflare, it is probably a partner / CNAME setup.

If your nameservers are not pointing to Cloudflare then it is not going through your original account. It will probably be managed at your hosts end via cPanel Cloudflare plugin or something similar.

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Indeed you are correct in all you note. I checked that out and it’s as you say. Thankyou and appreciated.

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