Nameserver Access

My company site appears to have a pair of custom nameservers through cloudflare. Each uses a (possibly common) naming convention of ‘’. I’m looking to gain control of my nameserver, but I have no idea who set these up, nor does anyone at teh company have a CloudFlare account.

Any ideas how I may go about gaining control of my sites nameserver/s?

Someone must have signed up for CF at some point. If you can’t find who did so internally, your best option would be to either change your nameservers back to the ones provided by your registrar or sign up for Cloudflare again. In either option, you’ll need to re-setup your DNS records with the correct records for your domain, since they probably won’t be carried over automatically. If you’re unfamiliar with what records / IP addresses you need to enter, your website host (the company you pay to host your website) will likely be helpful in getting that information.

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