Nameserve issue between users

I created a free account and a DNS zone for my organization. I then invited a user to manage the account and I see them under manage account, members. They have been granted the Admin role. The other user completed the work of change the nameserver at our registrar according to what it stated in his dashboard. The domain was verified and it appears to the other user that DNS is working properly. However, when I look at the dashboard, it states that the domain is still pending and shows that I have different nameservers to add to my domain registrar.

Are you sure the other user is actually logging in to your account and hasn’t set up their own, added the domain there and are using that instead? Get them to create a DNS record and check it appears for you.

What is the domain?

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I’m not sure, but that user sees the domain. I’d rather not post the domain here, in the clear.

Did they add the domain? It’s possible to add the domain to more than one account (although it can only be active in one at a time). As the domain in your account is pending and theirs is active, I’m guessing this is what has happened.

You can put the domain in here and I can take a look (select the option to check for additional Cloudflare nameservers to see if the domain is possibly added to more than one account).

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I added it there.

It appears that one could have a dns zone associated to multiple organizations, within the same account. aka, in their personal section and to whatever org they’ve been invited to. Does this seem correct?

Assuming I have the right one, there are 2 pairs of nameservers resolving for the domain on Cloudflare in addition to the currently active ones, so either the domain has been deleted and re-added to the account at least twice or it is added to another Cloudflare account (or a bit of both).

You have different nameservers and a pending domain, so it still seems the other user is using their own account and has added the domain to it. You can change the nameservers at the registrar to those allocated for the zone in your account to change over.

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