Namecoin, emerdns; decentralized domains and cloudflare

Is it possible to use a decentralized domain with Cloudflare?

Technically something like dot-bit ( should just work I guess.
Only problem would be that unless Cloudflare includes a dotbit dns server ( like ) to check if the domain is set to Cloudflare, it won’t be able to verify the domain is set to Cloudflare.

any chance this is already happening or this will be possible in the future?

What is a decentralised domain? Is that simply an alternative DNS root? If so, no, these cant be added to Cloudflare for now.

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Yes simply put this is an alternative DNS root.
Thanks for your answer

You can consider it as an “alternative DNS root”, but this is something another. See more info about emerDNS.
It would be great, if Cloudflare will use these technologies (emerDNS, emerSSL, and so). I will be happy to assist you to adopt these technologies on your side.
Please, touch me, if you interesting.

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