Namecheap to Cloudflare Domain Registrar

Hi There, Since I moved the domain to cloudflare from namecheap, the site started to slow down. I Started to experience this The website is I never edit the website since moved. I do not know but I just thought that cloudflare will help to speed up website. But no, it slowed down. maybe I am missing something here, you might want to help me pls.

Are you sure you want to speed up a website about the power of waiting? :wink:

The two warnings from your screenshot don’t impact immediate load time. Cookies isn’t an issue, and expires headers are for return visits (browser caching).

The slowest parts of your site are the dynamic PHP-generated parts: The HTML for the page itself, and a couple of style-dynamic PHP scripts. The page itself eventually caches in the server, but I don’t know for how long. That helps a bit, but those two style-dynamic scripts are the biggest slowdowns.

I’m not sure what those do, and I’ve not seen those before. It’s rare for a WordPress site to load additional PHP resources.

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I am agreed with you. This happens after I transferred my registrar from namecheap to cloudflare. All I did is transferred the domain and this just happens. Thank you Man… I do not know if cloudflare able to help me on this:-( Sometime the website load up tp 15Sec

Hoping that you can suggest something that I can do. I tried watching some youtube but no luck