NameCheap Secret Link

After waiting the full 5 days for a couple of domains to transfer from to CloudFlare. I discovered the “secret link” to manually approve the transfer immediately.

During the transfer process you will receive an email which contains something similar to:

“If you WANT TO PROCEED with this transfer, you do not need to respond to this message. If you WISH TO CANCEL the transfer, please go to our [website]”

When you read the text most people would immediately think you do nothing. Well don’t, click the link provided to cancel the transfer and you are given an option to “Approve” or “Reject”. Click “Approve” and the domain transfers immediately.

I hope this helps at least one person speed up their transfers.


Well, of course, that is what it says :smile:

Nice find :+1:t2:


I got this information when I contacted Namecheap support to ask them to immediately process a transfer.

Their use of dark patterns like this is one of the reasons I won’t be going back to them.