Namecheap not accepting SSL Certficate because of a "typo"

I’m trying to reissue the current SSL Certificate I have on Namecheap with Cloudflair’s SSL full/full one.
I don’t have the cPanel, so I’m using Namecheap’s basic CSR page. When I paste Cloudflair’s Origin Certificate in it, Namecheap gives me this error and won’t let me proceed:

“Your CSR is in wrong format or has a typo. Try copying & pasting it again.”

This happens using both “full” and “full strict”.

Any suggestion on what to do, please?

I believe you would need to either:

  1. Buy an SSL certificate at NameCheap and install it at your host/origin for your domain (hostname and su-bdomains) and set Cloudflare to Full SSL
  2. Buy a Dedicated SSL certificate from Cloudflare
  3. Generate Cloudflare Origin CA certificate (including your domain name, www and other sub-domains) and install it at your host/origin and put Cloudflare to Full SSL

Thank you for the response. I’m doing #3, but I’m getting error “Your CSR is in wrong format or has a typo. Try copying & pasting it again.”

I did purchase an SSL certificate on Namecheap, but in order for it to actually work, they are making me purchase host now. It is my understanding, that Cloudflare has automatic hosting?

I am afraid of a possible misunderstanding, but Cloudflare is not a hosting provider.

To install an SSL certificate which you bought from Namecheap, either to make your Website work, you would need to place your content (images, text, files, etc.) on a web server including your SSL certificate to have HTTPS (secured connection to your website), which is provided by a hosting company (hosting provider).

Namecheap offers web hosting services among the others they offer. You can either choose one from their offer or depending on your needs, you can choose some other out there like SiteGround, A2, Bluehost, etc. (just example ones)

But, there is a way to install/upload an SSL certificate directly to Cloudflare, but this option is available to Business or Enterprise users (customers).

Using your Namecheap SSL certificate, you can achive the end-to-end connection using Cloudflare Full SSL or Full SSL (strict) option.

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