Namecheap Hosting Add-on Domain from Cloudflare


I have a domain and site already setup. I’d like to now setup a new domain and another site off of my current hosting plan.

when I try to do the “add-on” domain that has a different address than the main site, I get the following error from namecheap:

“Oops, looks like your domain is pointed to remote nameservers”
" To add the domain as an addon you need to have it pointed to and (check [this article]"

I logged back into Cloudflare and added"
NS (type):
NS (type):

I’ve waited about two hours and thinking I have not executed this properly as whois: still shows:


Do I need to add anything else under Cloudflare DNS panel so that the CPanel(namecheap) will allow me to add this new domain + Wordpress site?

NS records can’t be used to set authoritative DNS for a domain. This has to be done at your domain registrar.

Ah, you didn’t mention that before. Cloudflare Registrar Terms of Service 6.1 prohibit changing name servers.

Thank you for helping me look into this.

It seems there is a workaround to make this still work:

Visit this area:
WebHost Manager »Server Configuration »Tweak Settings, Domains tab, and enable this setting:

Allow Remote Domains
Allow creation of parked/addon domains that resolve to other servers (e.g. domain transfers) This can be a major security problem. If you must have it enabled, be sure not to allow users to park common Internet domains.
Try adding the addon again.

I only have access to Cpanel (no WHM in my share hosting). Is there a way to enable this in Cpanel?

None of that looks like instructions for Cloudflare.

If you can see your shared hosting IP address (in cPanel or through Namecheap’s website), you can set an A record pointing at that IP address. Then try adding the add-on domain again.

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Thanks so much for looking into this in helping.

I added a new A record and tried this, I then checked the propagation and it appears that the change went through, I then tried the add-on domain again - no dice yet.

I still get an error with: “Oops, looks like your domain is pointed to remote nameservers”. I will wait an hour or so and give it another try to see if it works.

Normally I would say to just change the nameservers, add the domain, and change them back with an A record in place… but here we are.

You should ask Namecheap’s support if they can manually add the domain, that should be possible within WHM (which they have access to, I assume). And then your A record should work.

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