Namecheap EasyWP Setup

Hello all,

I have had to disable the supersonic cdn that came with my namecheap EasyWP package (the cache refused to clear causing me very odd sitemap issues that took me 2 days to work out what was going on). I would like to set up cloudflare but am having difficulties. I am not very skilled in the ways of DNS and would very much appreciate some simple instructions to facilitate this please :slight_smile:

In my cloudflare dashboard it tells me to:

  1. Log in to your [Namecheap account]

Remove these nameservers:

2. Replace with Cloudflare’s nameservers

Nameserver 1

Click to copy

Nameserver 2

But I do not see these options in my namecheap dashboard at all. This is what I see:

I have had a lot of issues with the EasyWP package in the last couple of weeks with things like caching and also no access to .htaccess which makes me wonder if it is possible to set up cloudflare at all? I have written to namecheap and not received any conclusive answer, which is why I am here. Any advice or assistance will be gratefully received.

At the bottom. Try “Personal DNS Server”. You’ll have to register the two new name servers from Cloudflare. And make sure it’s just the two Cloudflare name servers.

Thank you for getting back to me sdayman - I’ll give that a shot :slight_smile:

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