Namecheap EasyWP - CF ram problem. (cache)

Hello friends. I use namecheap [EasyWP supersonic]package for my website.(Review) This package has its own cache system. There is a “Clear Cache” button in the Wordpress panel and we clear the cookies from here. Recently by coincidence the support team had to delete the cookies. Serious differences emerged in ram usage.

So when I do it manually, it seems that the cookies are not deleted, but when the support team deletes it, the ram usage drops from 60%-70% to 45%. When I contacted, they said that there may be a problem over CF? What should I do? What should I check?

Our support team conversations;
I : Hello, today I will tell you about a problem that I noticed. I want this issue to be taken seriously and improved in general.

I actively monitor the ram usage of my site. In general, there is a ram usage between 60% - 70%. It’s been like this for weeks. ‎1 ‎August ‎2022 ‎Monday, ‏‎14:00 access to my website
I had the problem. My manual accesses were restricted and I could not delete the cookies from the EasyWP cookies delete button because I could not access the admin panel. I reached out to the support team and they are mine
deleted the cookies instead. I was then able to access my site. After the support team deleted the cookies, I checked that the ram usage dropped to 46% as you can see in the picture below.
Anyway, after a certain time, the ram usage is back again and when I delete the cookies from both Cloudflare and EasyWP panel, the ram usage is not affected at all.
I think there is a problem.

In summary;
When the support team deletes the cookies, the site relaxes more and the ram usage drops to 46%. But when I delete the cookies, technically there is no change in ram usage.

NM : Hello,

Thank you for providing us with the screenshots.

We tried clearing the cache using the Clear Cache button as you do it and the way we do it internally, and the RAM usage is the same.

Possibly, that moment some plugin didn’t work and didn’t use the resources on your website.

We would recommend deactivating the Cloudflare plugin and checking if it doesn’t create a load on the server.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

In general you shouldn’t be using a cache plugin alongside Cloudflare, for a couple of reasons:

  • even if content is cached on your server it’s still hitting your server, whereas if you do caching with Cloudflare any cached content will be served by them (reducing load on your server)
  • having two cache layers can cause issues, as you’ve seen. If you purge one the other one won’t be purged and it can cause cache to be persisted much longer than you want

In addition, it sounds like you are using the Cloudflare Wordpress plugin (APO) which doesn’t play well with other caching systems.

I’d recommend turning off the caching behavior of EasyWP Supersonic and using the Cloudflare cache instead.

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