Namecheap-DNSmadeeasy-Cloudflare Setup not resolving?

I am currently trying to set up DNS in my free Cloudflare account. My namecheap registrar points to DNSMadeEasy (I use it for failover). The DNSMadeEasy did point all of my subdomains to Ezoic’s DNS via CNAME records (my ad company) - which in turn points to my server IP.

I used a CNAME to send a single subdomain to from DNSMadeEasy to my NEW Cloudflare account (to test configurations). In my DNS settings on Cloudflare, I have tried pointing both an A RECORD directly to my server IP, and also tried pointing a CNAME to the same domain previously pointing to Ezoic DNS. Neither resolve and both timeout.

I can ping my and both configurations resolve to: (which I assume is Cloudflare)

Can anyone help me understand where I am messing up?

Thank you!

That IP address you posted is a Cloudflare name server. Not a website.

It sounds like you want your Cloudflare domain to respond to a CNAME. This is only available on Business and Enterprise plans.

sdayman - that would explain it. Didn’t realize that I needed a business or higher plan to respond to a CNAME. Thank you.

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