.name transfer (moving to CF after eNom outage)

Hi, after eNom’s outage I am busy transferring all my domains here.
Seems that there is some kind of delay in getting my transfer epp codes, but this question is about .name TLD’s.

I have “pieter.viljoen.name” registered at Hover (coming from register.com to enom to bulkregister to hover).
I could not add DNS for pieter.viljoen.name, and I don’t own viljoen.name.
.name TLD’s have been troubleshome: How difficult can it be to transfer a .name domain? – Pieter Viljoen's Blog

Does cloudflare support a.b.name, or am I stuck at Hover/eNom?

The general rule of thumb is that only TLDs on the public suffix list are eligible. Not subdomains.

The only way to know for sure is to try. If the domain is already on your account here, and it’s transferable, then it should show up under Registrar → Manage Domains for Transfers.

Hmm, then it is probably not supported.
The .name TLD is operated differently to other domains as end-users buy the 3rd level name, see .name Domains Search - Verisign

I’m familiar with how it operates, and it’s very non-standard. I don’t think Cloudflare has systems in place to handle such a unique registration.

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