.NAME TLD and Email Forwarding Support?

I would like to transfer several domain names to Cloudflare, including a few .NAME domains, both third-level (FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME.NAME) ones that require the email forwarding service and second-level ones that do not.

I do not see .NAME in the list of supported TLDs, so I am guessing that I will not be able to transfer these domains to Cloudflare, but I am posting here in case anyone knows of plans to support the .NAME TLD in the future, including email forwarding for third-level domain names.

The “supported domains” list is for the registrar, not for just adding a domain to Cloudflare. You can add domains to Cloudflare that aren’t on that list.

The problem you’re going to run into with .name is that you want to add a third-level domain, and the second-level domains aren’t on the public suffix list, so it won’t work. You could add lastname.name and it should work fine, but it will see firstname.lastname.name as a subdomain of something else and it won’t let you add it, or set up email forwarding for it.


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