Name Sever Pending

Cloud flare is my DNS provider, however my status as a customer is “pending” completion of Name Server. The suggested changes are from (Logan,Maya) to (drew, kristin) There doesn’t dashboard assumes that the Registrar is a different provider when it’s not the case. How do I get this fixed ? I’m trying to update SPF/DKIM records for the domains. Emails going to spam still.

According to WHOIS data, you need to get your registrar (Vistaprint/Tucows?) to change your name servers to drew and Kristin.

Hi @svillarreal, sorry, I don’t understand the above. As @sdayman suggests, you need to get your registrar to make the name server change. After they make the change, if you want to accelerate the process, contact Cloudflare Support from the account with logan & maya and ask support to purge the zone from that account. If you don’t have control of that account, you’ll need to wait until the ns change at your registrar is seen by our systems.

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