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Hello, I want to edit on cloudflaire the DNS to be

Cloudflair is my registrar and my new hosting doesn’t allow me to enter other name serveur dns.

thank you

You cannot use custom name servers with Cloudflare, that is the whole idea about Cloudflare being able to route the traffic from your website.

If Cloudflare is your registrar you don’t need to edit the name servers but just point the DNS records to your hosting IP address.
If I may ask which hosting provider are you using? Maybe we can help connect the domain to that hosting provider.

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it’s o2switch

Can i transfer my domaine from cloudflaire to another registrar ?

How can i do this Please .?

o2switch should have given you some IP address on which your website is available, probably in an email where it is temporarily available. If they haven’t I would recommend contacting support from o2switch. Then use the information found here to set those correctly.

If you do change the nameservers from Cloudflare to the ones below you won’t be able to use the DDoS protection and other features of Cloudflare, for those to work you will need to use the name servers from Cloudflare.

Other option which could in theory help if the above isn't an option

A quick search on Google gave me this result:
My French is quite bad and translating it makes for a hard to understand wall of text so I am not 100% sure if this answers your question.

Can i transfer from CLOUDFLAIRE TO another registrar ?

You can by using these steps:

In Cloudflare select your domain (top left) and the steps from the help article should show up on the right side. Make sure you find a registrar that works with o2switch, they list a few in their FAQ articles.

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