Name Servers

Hello - I noticed to get started you need to point the Name Servers. Since my client has an exchange email server I pointed their A record to the hosting account. How can I get started with Cloudflare without affecting their email…?

Cloudflare’s DNS list for that domain should match all the DNS records they have at their current Name Server/Hosting account.

When you change the name servers, the Cloudflare should take over with all the same DNS records with no disruption of service. Here’s a little more information on mail and Cloudflare:

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So, I just push the button on the set up page and everything should work…?

Pushing the button will start the process. It will populate your DNS records, but you need to compare all DNS records with your existing ones and add any that are missing.

And THEN you change the name servers so the world will start using Cloudflare DNS for your site.

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