Name Servers still working after deleted account


I deleted my account about a month ago but they are still being used.

This is the response from the site host

There’s no issue with your host server, I tested to add the following line to my local hosts file on my laptop, to force my computer to resolve your domain to your server IP:

then I was able to access your site with that domain name (on our server.)

So the issue now that you don’t have a Cloudflare account anymore? but your domain is still pointing to them, you can check here:

Many thanks


Your domain still points to Cloudflare. You should change the nameservers to the new ones ASAP.

How do I do that from Cloudflare or from the domain registry ?

many thanks


Domain registrar or registry.

I have just looked on there and there isn’t anything to do with Cloudflare there.

Thanks Danny

Well, your own link shows the Cloudflare nameservers :wink:. If you cant find anything there you need to contact your registrar for clarification.