Name Servers Still Pending - Causing SSL issue

Hey everyone,

We changed nameservers in godaddy to point to cloudflare on Friday morning. As of today the SSL is still Pending however we can manage the DNS to publish the new website.

The second issue is when we try to generate an SSL certificate through our website builder for the new site - it keeps failing to generate and they isolated the issue as this:

I feel like the two issues are related. Can anyone help us to try and resolve this?

What’s the domain?

It’s been showing this message since Friday afternoon

Sorry, the Nameservers are still pending - Not the SSL. Due to the pending nameservers it seems like the SSL won’t generate.

I’ve contacted Godaddy support already and they are telling me there is no issue on their end

Ohhhh, you have DNSSEC enabled at GoDaddy. That needs to be turned off whenever you change name servers.

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I’ll reach out to Godaddy support, Thank you very much! How do you see if DNSSEC is enabled or not?

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WHOIS shows DNSSEC: SignedDelegation

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