Name Servers point to Cloudfare but no Account Access for the Domain

I need to add a new CNAME record but in my domain name provider the nameservers point to cloudfare and I am unable to edit the DNS Records. The provider is network solutions.

When I try to log into Cloudfare to edit the DNS Records, there are no sites or domains listed with my account. When I try to log in using “forgot email” and my domain name, I never receive the email w access instructions. I do not want to add the site to the account I DO have access to, because I believe there is already an account set up that I do not have access to.

We also use Cloudways as our webhost, and cannot add on “DNS Made Easy” without changing the nameservers in networksolutions from cloudfare to cloudways. I do not want to update the name servers in networksolutions before I know the consequences of doing so.

Basically, I need help accessing the cloudfare account for & adding a new CNAME record. Our nameservers point here, but I do not have access to an account with the domain listed.

My advice is to start over on your new account. If you have no idea which account the domain is on now, it’s extremely difficult to recover from that.

The consequences won’t kick in until you make the name server change. First step is to make sure you have all the correct DNS records when you add the domain to your account. You’ll have to get these from your service host(s). Beyond that, there may be some Page Rules and other settings, but this is generally atypical. At worst, there might be a URL redirect. But, again, this is not typical.

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