Name servers of domain are wrong after transfer

I have transfered my domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare.
It seems when the transfer happened, namecheap changed the Nameservers where the domain are pointing to.
I have seen that you cannot manually change the domains Nameservers but support do not reply.
Anyone know how to get this sorted. My domain is down.

Sorry for that trouble, @stephenjpalmer, that’s an out the door gift from the old registrar. Support can make it right.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details. Again, sorry for the issues.

Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

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Thank you @cloonan.
I have created a ticket #1726857
Lets hope I get a reply soon as my domain is down and Free users don’t get decent support with tickets.

Getting rather peed off now,
Cloudflare support clearly do not read the message…
They sent me this:

Hi there,

Thanks for writing to Cloudflare Support.

The nameservers that you will need to set can be found on your Cloudflare Dashboard on the Overview tab.

You will need to contact your registrar and have them update the nameservers for your domain accordingly. Please see How do I change my domain nameservers?

Please note that Cloudflare requires only these 2 nameservers to be set.

You must point your authoritative nameservers to Cloudflare, this will delegate your DNS configuration to Cloudflare. It is not sufficient to simply set NS DNS records for Cloudflare; you must set your authoritative nameservers with your domain registrar.

After setting the correct nameservers, it may take up 48 hours for these to propagate.

You can test which nameservers are authoritative by using the following dig command, for example:

dig +short NS

If you have previously had DNSSEC enabled for your zone, you will need to disable this before you can sign-up to Cloudflare - your domain registrar will be able to help you disable this. You need to remove this DS record, let Cloudflare activate, and then you can re-enable DNSSEC via our dashboard and will get a new DS record to configure at your registrar. Information on where you can find the DS record configuration on various domain registrars can be found on our Help Center.

This is an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.

Search the Cloudflare Community for advice and insight.

Sorry, just reply to the email, tell the agent helperbot got it wrong and you still need assistance. I will make sure it goes in the proper queue.

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Thank you, I really appreciate it

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Perfect, and I see one of my colleagues is on the ticket, will keep an eye out on progress.

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Having the same problem as op. Opened a ticket (1726993). All DNS including MX records are gone so email is dead in the water today in the middle of a job search. Ugh. I had Cloudflare DNS configured beforehand too. Not sure how this all could get removed when it has been in place.

Unfortunately that is still a gift from the outgoing Registrar. That is really a bid thing to do and probably not compliant to the regulations in place.

Thank you, I see the ticket and see the agent is on it. I’ve cc’d myself as well and will track progress. Sorry for the issue you’re hitting.

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Thanks so much, just got a reply from the agent that he was working on it. Pissed that NameCheap did this on my way out - sore losers I guess. My fault for not realizing the potential for outage though. Hopefully this can be resolved relatively quickly.

Sorry for the trouble, in the meantime, you may want to flip the two :orange: to :grey: on the DNS tab until they resolve the name server change.

Once this is fixed, you may want to look at the SSL/TLS app. I checked your SSL/TLS settings and see it is set to Full (strict), that’s the best setting. But, I don’t see a certificate on your origin server. You can create a free self-signed cert for the origin that will work for Cloudflare and use the Full setting (not full strict).

Oh, scratch the :orange:, I see they did the needful.

I did have all that setup with cert on the origin before. Might need to recreate that now.

Got it, I’ll stick with this thread for a while to make sure you’re back on the road ok

Hmm, I’m getting a 522 error now

Thanks! Email is flowing again, site still not up. Shows my origin cert is all good on the SSL/TLS app.

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Yes, and I can see the origin cert, always use https is enabled and the page loads securely. :100:

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Thanks again for the help! I think I’m good now. Can get to it from my home computer and mobile. Site isn’t loading from my work computer on my work network, but probably just slow to see the fixed DNS or caching. Stressful for sure. Glad downtime was only an hour, good riddance Namecheap.

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@cloonan I get that Cloudflare doesn’t want us to use any name servers but I have read about people having the issue many times. Perhaps if nothing else Cloudflare could put a reset nameservers button in the control panel for when nameservers get out of sync. When pushed this command would send the command to the registry to clear out the existing nameservers and set them to the correct Cloudflare ones, I think that would make it better for the customers getting a quicker fix they can use themselves and would cut down on support tickets Cloudflare has to answer.

Hi @ryan29,

This has come up and been suggested before. I have now created a product request for this which users can vote on.

Registrar - Button to reset nameservers to Cloudflare's