Name servers not updating on dashboard

I had to move my domain back to the registrar’s name servers (GoDaddy). NS records have been updated and even resolve correctly to the registrar’s name servers when queried against and However, the Cloudflare dashboard still shows the Cloudflare name servers. This has been the case for over 8 hours now.
Any ideas?

The Cloudflare dashboard will show you the nameservers assigned to your domain to use Cloudflare, not the nameservers visible through the global DNS service.

Unless you are on a CNAME setup, once Cloudflare detect you are not using their nameservers a clock will start running, and the domain will eventually be deleted from Cloudflare entirely.

When I did this in the past, the dashboard showed the new nameservers and just didn’t display the contents of the zone file. Just wondering why this isn’t the case this time around.

Or maybe I’m getting things mixed up with the behaviour of the GoDaddy dashboard.

I’m trying to troubleshoot some issues with Microsoft’s Premium, and their reliance on GoDaddy is just a little bit too close for comfort

You have a mixture of MX records:

% dig mx +short

As configured, linda will receive all email, and your Hotmail domain will only receive email if the other three are not working.

If you want to use Hotmail with your domain, then you should delete the three MX records.

That is intentional. is having some issues around custom email domains.
To configure this on the side, the MX record to needs to be in place. However, to ensure the emails arrive correctly (at least until MS gets their problems worked out) I’m using the Email (Beta) functionality in Cloudflare. That is why the Cloudflare entries have a higher priority.
But thanks for looking into it.

I’ve also just switched the NS records back to Cloudflare, awaiting further info form MS support. Let’s see what they come up with.

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