Name servers not updating on cloudfare


My name servers are showing as changed when I do a whois but cloudfare keeps saying that the name servers are not updated .

I changed them on GoDaddy and can see them on the whois .

Any ideas

Nameservers can take a few hours depending on the register. Most will even tell you it can take up to 24-72 hours to update. Just wait and Cloudflare will let you know when its ready.

I changed them more than 24 hours ago , the whois is also showing the correct ones .

I even clicked on check now the name servers and says it’s checking TXT fields for ownership however cloudfare didn’t give me any TXT entry to make .

Hello @fahd.faiyaz

Looks to me you’ve entered a wrong typo. Check the assigned nameservers again.


Thanks that solved the issue . It was indeed a typo

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