Name Servers not set on Cloudflare Registry Domain

Hi All,

I have tried reaching out to Cloudflare Registry support but despite paying them for the domain name they insist that my issue is DNS related and therefore not covered by their e-mail support as I don’t pay for Business or Pro.

My issue is that I registered a domain name with them in July and everything has been working without issues. At the weekend I started receiving notifications from my website uptime monitor and e-mail provider (Proton Mail) that my website was not accessible and that my DNS entries for e-mail were no longer reachable.

After some checking within the DNS of Cloudflare, I can see that all my entries are correct and present.

However, what I have found is that it would appear the Name Servers for the domain name have been removed and according to Cloudflare’s own diagnostics I must contact the registrar to set the Name Servers to the Cloudflare ones.

I have reached out to the registrar, which is Cloudflare, but they seem intent on making me pay more money to have them correct an issue with a domain that I paid to register with them even though they have not setup the Name Servers correctly and I have not the ability to self-help.

I am posting this here in the hope that someone actually works for Cloudflare Registry and can arrange to have the Name Servers correctly set.

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There’s also this:

    Registration status:
        Registered until expiry date.
        *** This registration has been SUSPENDED. ***

Please post the ticket # here, and we’ll escalate it.

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Thanks for letting me know about this, I had not seen that it was listed as suspended.

I am not sure why it would be suspended as it has been paid and shows as active within Cloudflare.

Ticket number is #2550801, I had to open a new ticket as they closed the first one down saying it was DNS and I needed to use the community.

Really appreciate the help on this.

I’ve added that ticket to the escalation queue.


Thanks for that, it is appreciated.

I will let you know once resolved.


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Hi @anthony.ryan,

My colleague should have reached out via the ticket and told you that this has been internally escalated to the Registrar team.
We will keep you posted via the ticket.


Is this still an issue?

WHOIS no longer shows the Suspended message:

    Registration status:
        Registered until expiry date.

    Name servers:

the hostname resolves:

And an NGINX server responds to requests.

Hi sdayman,

Thank you for following up, it is great to see a community that offers better support for a companies paying customers than the company offers.

You are correct I managed to get the issue resolved myself by contacting directly with Nominet UK regarding the domain showing as suspended.

The issue was that the domain had become flagged by an automatic system that Nominet UK use to prevent scam/malware residing on domains that it is responsible for. I am not sure exactly what caused the issue but after explaining that it was a legitimate website they were able to remove the suspension.

If you had not noticed the domain showing as suspended I would not have known where to look and would still be waiting for Cloudflare to actually respond to the tickets that I had open, something that they have still not done even after all this time and me paying them for their Business plan.

It is really dishearting to deal with a company that will not provide support for domain names that you have paid to register with them and that still won’t help you when you have paid them $20 for a plan that they make very clear is the only way to get e-mail support from them.

At the present time I am seriously considering to move my domain names and DNS to other providers and use a different provider, even if I have to pay more than $20 per month for each of them as the levels of support they have provided are so far from what is expected of a company that provide mission critical services it is a joke.

This includes all my business domain names for the company I work for that currently use Cloudflare as the concern I have for them supporting us, even though we pay them for support is too much to risk being with them.

I appreciate the support of the community team and thank you for getting me back up and running.

Best regards,


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