Name servers not resolving

My domain is and it’s nameservers are pointed towards my cloudflare nameservers.

But whenever I try to add this domain to my account I get following error:

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

Please suggest any solution.

Many thanks!

You cant have pointed them to Cloudflare as the domain is - obviously - not on Cloudflare yet and hence Cloudflare cant have provided you with nameservers for that domain.

You need to make sure the domain points to valid nameservers before adding it to Cloudflare.

A search - as you were prompted to do - would have actually revealed that quickly.

Yes I just pointed after 2 days of strugle with old nameservers.
I know my cloudflare nameservers already (using it for over 30 websites)

Nothing resolved

No, you cant know them, as the domain is not on Cloudflare.

As I already said, you need to have valid nameservers before you can add the domain and only then you can set your Cloudflare nameservers.

It would be if you had followed the advice :wink:

Ok sir I will try, but I already done all this since last 2 days.

Done what?

Follow the steps I mentioned twice and it should work. You first change the nameservers to another valid pair, then add the domain.

Please calm down. I am not here to argue with you, if you cant help please stop spamming.
Again, I have already changed them to valid nameservers and tried. It does not help.

Excuse me? I should calm down? I am telling you what to do to fix your issue and you tell me to calm down? And I am spamming? Seriously, you have a nerve.

And no, your domain does not point to valid nameservers as you claim, but still to Cloudflare.


Asked my client to change nameserver back to domain registerar default already, if you understand pain for asking clients to change nameservers.
It’s like rocket science for non technical people. :confused:


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