Name servers moved; error 1000

so to prove ownership of a domain, I modified our DNS Nameservers to updated values for Cloudflare
that process seems to have created a bunch of bad A and AAAA records, causing error 1000 when I access my website

The problem is i don’t know what the original IP’s were to point to my website; any help would be appreciated; the tools I’ve tried to look at DNS history all show Cloudflare IP’s for A

oh, that does hurt, the audit logs do not show the old IP for the A record? Your hosting provider can tell you the IP address of the origin server as fall back option. What is the domain?

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i cant seem to find audit logs
i tried using historical data and point the A record to the IP prior to Cloudflare but that doesnt seem to work either
website is centerstonesearch DOT COM

I see the audit log for that zone, login to the account where that zone is active (it is not the email you are using here, that account shows no zones/domains) and go to . Let us know if that works ok for you.

the problem is i dont have a clue what that login was(before i took over the domain using my logged in account)

Understood. that does complicate matters a lot, Support can only work with the account holder via the email address that was used to create the account that holds the active zone(domain).

It’s worth going through the steps here to see if you can recover access, otherwise the option is to move the zone to the account you are using here,

in looking at the public history, it’s been with Cloudflare for a while,

To boot, getting access to the cf account is just one item to resolve, you also need to know your hosting provider, it seems you can access the registrar and they recognize you as the domain owner. A stop gap measure to ensure your domain is active is to ask your registrar to revert the name servers to what they were for a number of years, securitytrails shows those as

That may or may not work, if it does that may help a bit.

Did you have a vendor/websesigner help set up the site 5 years (base on sectrails) ago? If so, that vendor may be able to assist. Really sorry for the issues here, I know it’s a pain.

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