Name servers for transferred domain

When I transfer a domain to Cloudflare (as registrar), do I need to use only Cloudflare’s name servers or can I use other name servers (such as AWS) to keep the DNS records?

You must use Cloudflare nameservers, though you can still delegate subdomains to other nameservers.

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Just curious… How’s it better than hosting the DNS elsewhere?

Apart from the faster and more resilient DNS, Cloudflare also provides a CDN (which speeds up your site) and a WAF (which secures your site)… among other awesome features.

Whether to use Cloudflare’s services or not is a decision only you can make.

Just note that Cloudflare Registrar is not your traditional registrar: domains are priced at cost and only offered to Cloudflare’s customers. That’s why it is REQUIRED to use Cloudflare’s nameservers – you can’t change that at all.


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