Name servers for A record are placed correctly but still pointing to wrong IP

what name should i give to new A records?

delete those two CNAMEs first

then, create an A record with name @ and value , that’s your apex (root) domain

for the www subdomain, you can do it a couple ways, you can either do an A record named www pointed to or you can do it as a CNAME, name www, pointed to to

please grey-cloud the new DNS entries for now, you can orange-cloud them later once you’re sure everything is working

the good news is, your website is there, I can see it if I fake the DNS on my side, so once your DNS entries are fixed you should be good to go

Looks like you’re up…

If you still have issues loading the site, restart your web browser, and if that doesn’t work, clear the cache or try a different browser.

Sorry, couldn’t able to say this yesterday because Cloudflare apparently gave me a timeout of 24 hours… Thank you so much man for the solution…I was struggling with this issue since morning…one humble request can you please delete the screenshots of my website from this public chat?

Hey ! One more issue is now coming…the two new A records that i have created for root and www…they are automatically getting deleted/removed after few hours due to which my site is going down after every few hours…whats the solution for this

This is commonplace with Ezoic. You likely have granted access to your Cloudflare DNS to Ezoic who are changing it. If you want Ezoic to retain access to your Cloudflare DNS, you will need to make sure that the records you expect to see are present in your Ezoic account.

See the bottom of the relevant Ezoic support page for details.

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