Name servers for A record are placed correctly but still pointing to wrong IP

I have correctly set the A record to the correct IP but still the A record is pointing to the wrong IP when I checked it through a DNS tool.What’s the fix?

If the DNS records are orange-clouded, they will point to Cloudflare IPs instead of your actual origin IP. If you don’t want to proxy the traffic through Cloudflare, grey-cloud the DNS entries.

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The DNS records are orange-clouded but still it’s not pointing to the Cloudflare IP…its pointing to some other random IP that i have never used

how do you know that the IPs are not Cloudflare IPs? what are the IPs? have you tried grey-clouding the DNS entries?

If the record is grey-clouded which IP will it follow ?

If it’s grey-clouded it will resolve to the IP that you enter in the DNS panel when you create the DNS entry.

Those are Cloudflare proxy IPs in your screenshot. If your DNS entry is orange-clouded it will resolve to Cloudflare proxy IPs instead of your own IP. If you need it to resolve to your own IP you need to grey-cloud it.

I want my A record to point to but instead, it is pointing to these random IPs (\n104.21.57.187)…I have placed in record A but still,
actual ip
some random IP is coming

That is correct if the hostname is :orange: as @user4358 said.

See Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured? for more details.

Those are Cloudflare proxy IPs…

So according to you turning the orange cloud to grey will fix the problem?

Assuming by ‘fix’ you mean show your server IP and stop using Cloudflare for anything other than DNS, then yes.

Is this the correct thing I have done for pointing A record to ?? Though am still not able to access my website.

first of all wait at least 5 minutes after making any DNS change

2nd you need to contact your web host to inquire about this

they have told me the same…they told me that your IP should point to but instead, it is pointing to\n104.21.57.187 so they said they cant do anything in it…then I researched more about it, and found out that it is known as DNS conflict…apparently, there are no tutorials to fix it and I am just too new to Cloudflare so everything is confusing me…the hosting has unsuspended my account but due to DNS conflict iam not able to see my website

I did this disable proxy earlier too and waited for 1 2 hours but still, I was not able to access my site…I don’t know whats happening

You’re not supposed to see the host’s IP address when you do a DNS lookup, that’s how Cloudflare works.

DNS is responsible for telling my devices how to reach your website - for Cloudflare to be able to fulfill any of the performance or security flows like caching or the Web Application Firewall, traffic needs to hit Cloudflare first.

Cloudflare replaces the IP addresses returned in the DNS lookup with their own so that my device hits Cloudflare, goes through all of the Cloudflare traffic flow and then Cloudflare fetches your actual IP (the one starting in 199) on my behalf to return it to me.

If your site doesn’t work when the records are grey clouded then it won’t work when they’re orange clouded either though.

Is even the domain you’re talking about here? It looks like you have an A record (or a flattened CNAME) pointing to and but I don’t see it in your screenshot. Did you screenshot only part of the page? Please screenshot the full DNS page, or at least the part where you have the DNS entry for your apex domain.

These are the remaining records. Yes, I have only one site leanoutdoor, and talking about that only.

You need to delete the CNAME for and www, then recreate them as A records pointing to IP