Name servers changed, still no Cloudflare

I changed the name servers to the ones proposed, Alexia and Colton. They look like this:
Name: Type: NS TTL: 3600 Value:
Name: Type: NS TTL: 3600 Value:
When looking on WHOIS I get TLD not supported after looking for
What I don’t get is that my website apparently works, but Cloudflare isn’t. Where does my DNS come from then? I am not exactly an expert on DNS. I would love the extra speed, but I am not fond of cluttering up my website with things that don’t work. God knows what confict I might get some day.
Are there additional steps that I must take? Or do you need more information? Did I do something wrong? Great service, this Cloudflare, especially if it works :wink:

Hi @elblop,

Your nameservers currently point to

You probably added NS records to your currentl DNS rather than changing the authoritative nameservers at youe domain registrar.

Do you mean that I must contact my host and ask them to change my DNS or can I do it myself somewhere? Where are the authoritative nameservers located?

You should be able to do it yourself in your domain registrar’s control panel. That will usually be in a different place to your DNS.

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