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We have a requirement to keep name servers at Route 53, right now our name servers are with cloudflare and we are using proxied DNS entries. What is the best way to go about moving name servers to Route 53?

I was looking into it and was able to confirm that if I use the proxied IP (the Cloudflare IP that is being used as a proxy to the actual IP specified in Cloudflare DNS console) for DNS records at Route53 then DNS resolution seems to work, however I am not sure if the proxied IP’s change periodically. Can anyone please advise?

BTW - one domain is registered with GoDaddy and the other with Cloudflare.



  1. If you don’t use Cloudflare name servers, you can’t use Cloudflare services unless you partner with someone who can configure a CNAME for you on their own Cloudflare account.
  2. If the domain is using Cloudflare registrar, you have to use Cloudflare name servers. You’d have to transfer the registration away otherwise.

You could use the Business plan (or higher) with the CNAME setup…

Sure, if they wanted to fork over the money to be the one with CNAME setup capability for $200/month.

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While his will initially work, unless you convert to a CNAME setup Cloudflare will delete the domain a few weeks after they detect that the nameservers are no longer active on Cloudflare. They will also not be able to validate the Universal SSL certificates, so those will start to fail eventually.

Converting to a CNAME setup is the way to go, and then you can convert your DNS entries in Route53 to point to (or similar), and those CNAME targets will follow the Cloudflare IP changes, and any change you make from :orange: to :grey: on the Cloudflare Dashboard. The limitation here is that the root ( cannot be a CNAME.


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