Name servers are not picked up by cloudflare - KPN

I have 2 domain names at KPN. When changing the name servers, they will remain on pending at Cloudflare.

Is this a known issue with domain names that are at KPN? I have 100+ other domain names that work.

I hope someone has a solution.




Most likely your nameservers are not properly set or your DNSSEC configuration is broken.

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Thx for replying. The domains are / I have checked the nameserver 100 times, that can not be wrong.

These domains arent configured for Cloudflare at all. They still point to some nameservers.

Yes true, i set them back because otherwise it will give problems in the weekend. I will change them back @ monday :wink:

You said you checked them many times.

If your nameservers are not correctly set the domains will never validate and eventually be removed.

The problem is solved, thank you for thinking out loud.

I just disabled DNSSEC @ KPN, that did the trick :slight_smile:

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