Name servers are 'invalid' according to my registrar

My registrar is nitrado and I’m trying to change the name servers for my domain to cloudflare. When I change name servers 1 and 2 to the ones cloudflare wants me to, I just get this error:

The provided nameserver is not configured correctly, please check your configuration.

I copy pasted them and checked for any spelling errors and there are none so I don’t understand why this would happen?

I see they’re still set for nitrado. Can you post a screenshot of the page where you’re getting the error?

This is on Nitrado’s nameserver edit page

That’s a pretty narrow view of the page. I suspect you’re going to have ask your registrar for help with this. But if you post a screenshot of the filled out form before you submit the updates, that might help.

That alert about the name servers already “knowing” your domain might be the problem. This sounds like the usual requirement of .de registrars.

This the only tutorial I can find that addresses the issue. Maybe another @MVP remembers more.

I think this is a bit different, I don’t see Cloudflare’s nameservers answering this domain at all, I just get REFUSED.

As for what to do? First check the obvious, any typos in the domain in the Cloudflare dashboard?


I checked, is the domain in Cloudflare and on my registrar. I copy pasted the name servers and double checked so no typos there either

The domain isnt .de though

I suspect you’ll need to reach out to Cloudflare support for this one, the nameserver records aren’t appearing, so even if you could change the nameservers, it wouldn’t ultimately work.

Right, but if it’s a German registrar, they might treat all name servers this way.

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