Name servers are incorrect after transfering domain to cloudflare

Good day, dear friends.

I transferred my domain from godaddy to Cloudflare. Cloudflare is the new Registar. All was working for few days, and suddenly two extra NS were added. I have now 4 NS (alex, sara, and 2 godaddy)

Cloudflare says go to godaddy and change NS from there. There is no record of MyNurulQuran in godaddy dashboard beacuse it has been transferred to cloudflare.

I can not get any support from CloudFlare because i am not on the paid plan. I sent an email to them. I am really disappointed of cloudflare support.

How do I change the NS in the cloudflare dashboard?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
osama khan

btw, CF ticket number is 2285419

Hi @user2189,

I’m escalating this issue to have your ticket re-opened.

Hi again,
any updates?

Please help.

Should I file a complaint with icann and BBB ?

If you’d like to, go ahead. Otherwise, someone will take a look at this tomorrow morning.

i already have.

so sad, that a company does not even value its own repuation.


I am a part of the CF support team. We have sent a response on the ticket you have opened, and will be working with our teams to get the NS values removed.

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